We worked intensely with QuickBooks and accounting partners to build a best-in-class integration between Spritz and QuickBooks. Once connected, all expenses will appear in QuickBooks.

To connect Spritz and QuickBooks head to the integrations page. Alternatively, click on your name (top right of the page) to bring up the profile menu, then select the Integrations menu item.

Step 1: Connect QuickBooks & Spritz
  • Click the Connect link next to QuickBooks from the integrations page
  • Click Connect to QuickBooks and follow the process to allow Spritz to talk to QuickBooks
Step 2: Map Spritz Categories to Expense Accounts in QuickBooks
  • Each expense in Spritz is assigned a category. This mapping determines what account the expense will be mapped to in QuickBooks.
  • Spritz automatically maps categories based on name and descriptions. Go through each category, and either map it to the appropriate Account, or delete the category if you don't expect to use it.
  • Click on + New category to create any categories you expect to use with Spritz that don't already exist.
  • Click on Save mapping to save

Step 3: Synchronization Options

  • Review each option
    • Enable Synchronization - whether to enable the synchronization between QuickBooks & Spritz. When off, Spritz will not send expenses to QuickBooks.
    • Customer Contacts - whether your would like your customer contacts to be sent to Spritz as Clients. Changes in contact in QuickBooks will be updated to Spritz.
    • Full Automation - automatically Create expenses in QuickBooks once the expenses have been submitted in Spritz. Leave unchecked if you would like to manually check expenses before finalizing in QuickBooks 
    • Spritz recommend leaving Full Automation unchecked until you are familiar with the integration and are happy everything is setup correctly.
    • Spritz Wallet Account - A new account is created in QuickBooks. This account is used to pay expenses in QuickBooks. 
  • Click on Save settings to save
Step 4: Accounting Sync
  • If you didn't select Full Automation in the Sync options tab, you need to manually send expenses to Xero. 
  • On the dashboard, you will now see a new dashboard panel, click the Sync now button to send any waiting transactions to Xero

How it works

  1. A Spritz card is used to make a purchase. This creates an expense in Spritz which is automatically assigned a Category (for example, Meals & Entertainment).
  2. The Spritz card holder will receive a notification of this purchase in their mobile app, and can adjust or add detail:
    1. Add any notes or teammates who were present
    2. Adjust the category
    3. Assign the expense to a Client (if the expense was billable)
    4. Take a photo of the receipt. 
      1. Note: if the purchase was at a Square terminal, receipts can be automatically assigned to the expense without the need to take a photo.
    5. Submit the expense
  3. If the expense is not submitted it will be sent to QuickBooks as an expense against a shared customer contact - not the real merchant.
    1. This gives visibility of the expense within QuickBooks and allows the changes to expense in Spritz. 
  4. Once the expense has been submitted, the expense will be updated in QuickBooks.