Spritz cards draw funds from a central Wallet (account). To keep your cards working, you need to keep a balance in this wallet.

Spritz will email the Spritz Admin when your wallet balance drops below $1000 or half your last funding amount.

Wallet funding is via Bank ACH Transfers.  These take approximately 2 business days to complete. To prevent declined transactions, we recommend keeping at least 1-2 weeks spending buffer.

Head to the Wallet page and select the Fund Wallet button to open the Fund Wallet wizard.

Manual Funding

Enter a funding amount, and follow the steps to initiate a transfer from your bank into the Spritz wallet.

Auto Funding

The Fund Wallet wizard has an auto fund option, where Spritz will automatically initiate a funding transfer when your wallet balance drops below a specified level.

Click the Automatically fund my wallet balance checkbox, and enter the minimum balance (that triggers the funding), and the automatic funding amount (the amount that will be transferred).

For example, here we will initiate a one time transfer of $4000, then when the balance drops below $2000, we will transfer $2000.