The Spritz Chrome extension enables Spritz admins to create unique virtual visa cards for every online subscription.

  • Manage your software and online subscriptions in one place.
  • No need to update all of your subscriptions when someone leaves or a card expires.
  • Easily cancel subscriptions - without logging into each service.


You need to have a Spritz account and be an administrator to be able to create cards. If you don't have a Spritz account, head here to get started.

In your Chrome browser, head to the Spritz Chrome Extension page then click on the Add to Chrome button.

Using the extensionSigned out

The icon will initially be gray, which indicates signed out. Click on the icon and sign in using your Spritz credentials. 

Once signed in, the icon turns red. Click the icon to create a new virtual card. You can create virtual cards for any website, but known sites will display a question mark as a prompt.

Once you have created a new virtual card, you an copy the card details into the web page. 

When returning to web sites that have virtual cards, the extension will display a 1 to indicate a card exists for this service.